Our Services

Payroll, HR and Workers’ Compensation are a core part of your business and are needed to keep you operating day to day, but without a firm grasp of these particulars, a company can lose time, talent and money. We are a trusted business partner for all of these needs, allowing you to focus on your business.


The PEO platform incorporates the Payroll-HR Administration, Payroll Tax Compliance, and Workers’ Compensation into one easy to use model. Our full-service PEO solution offers efficient time management, integrated human resources, and a Pay as You Go Workers’ Compensation model to simplify the payroll process.

Workers Compensation & Risk Management

Our cost-effective Workers Compensation program provides benefits to employees for work-related injuries or illnesses including medical care, wages from lost work time, and more. Employees are compensated for occupationally incurred injuries, regardless of fault. Under this policy this coverage makes employers immune from some injury lawsuits by employees.

Human Resources

HR encompasses a variety of different challenges from a state or federal regulatory compliance which your company will be required to manage, from payroll to human capital management and everything in between; you can’t afford to spend time trying to keep up or simply figure it out.

Employee Benefits

In today’s competitive environment it is important to take care of your employees; a quality benefits program offering can give your company an edge when recruiting and retaining talent. Plans are designed for your small or midsize business ensuring your employees are able to enjoy the benefits of fortune 500 firms.